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Sandra Lucas Transportation Consulting offer an innovative, collaborative approach to reach the best transportation related outcome for land development. By supporting multi-modal and sustainable transportation they help clients move people and products within the public and private realm.


Offered Services

  • Municipal Road Layout

  • Right-of-Way Impact Assessments

  • Access Management and Design

  • Municipal Road Cross-Sections

  • Private Condominium Road Layout

  • Traffic Signal Installation Design and Review

  • Pavement Markings Design and Review

  • Site Plan Review with a Transportation Lens Perspective

  • Subdivision Plan Review with a Transportation Lens Perspective

  • Alternative and Sustainable Mobility

  • Multi-Modal Transportation

  • Transportation Demand Management

  • Vehicle Maneuvering: Waste Collection, Turning Paths for Loading/Unloading

  • Sight Line Review for Driveway Accesses and Intersections

  • On-Street and Private Property Parking Layouts

  • Sidewalk Layout and Pedestrian Desire Lines

  • Private Property - Safe and Efficient Layout for Vehicle and Pedestrian Movement

  • AODA Compliance Review

  • Pre-Submission Review of Site Plans

  • Pre-Submission Review of Draft Plans of Subdivision

  • Due Diligence on Land Purchase

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